Ride to Lake Wyola and Shutesbury, Oct. 2008 - Brian W. Ogilvie
Surly LHT in Leverett

Surly LHT in Leverett

Taken on Rattlesnake Gutter Road just south of North Leverett road. Stock LHT with Grip King pedals and Nigel Smythe bags. There's a set of Berthoud fenders in the garage waiting to be mounted.
Update, Nov. 15: I've mounted the Berthoud fenders and, at least for now, swapped out the Grip King pedals for a pair of Power Grip-equipped pedals. (Maybe in the spring I'll be so daring as to try clipless!) And the stock saddle has mercifully been replaced by a Brooks Flyer. The stock saddle was fine for rides up to 20 miles, but after that it got irritating.
Update, March 2009: shorter, lower stem too. Looking more and more like a poor man's constructeur bike....

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